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Lokalist is a one stop shop for finding local goods and services and helping local folks who need it. The marketplace includes gorgeous hand made items, flexible childcare, tuition and home education services, health and beauty services, pre-loved items and a delicious range of food and drink from local makers and growers. 

So far, so privileged...

We believe in equity and powerful communities, so rather than paying delivery fees to ship your items from afar, Lokalist makes it possible for your items to be delivered or collected. The delivery fee is instead a donation that is used to fund a discount for people living through a crisis or for people who work in public service, such as teachers and NHS workers. 

We are hoping to open a space for the drop-off and collection of goods in Sale in early 2022 - your sign up proves that people will help others by buying local. We hope that the Lokalist space will become a place to meet and work, and for teens to meet, learn and create so we grow a new generation of connected and ambitious people.

Sign up to buy or sell using the link below...

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