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Help us make change happen...

Look out for our crowdfunding campaigns where you can buy our products and services in advance, or donate to make them available to people who need them.

You have several options to choose from: 

Philanthropic: You can buy our products and services via the Buzzing About...Sale marketplace and 5% of what you spend is used to provide Brave Education products and services to the children of NHS and key workers, refugees and domestic violence survivors. We'll update you on what your money has bought using our newsletter, so don't forget to sign up!  

Venture capital: Investors seeking a financial return should invest in Brave Education. This type of investment enables us to grow our education offer and pays for training for our team, so we can grow and support more communities. The investment will buy equity and will benefit from growth in the value of Brave Education. 

In-kind partnerships: Do you struggle with donating cold, hard cash? Could you make an aspect of Brave Education happen? We love working with organisations who provide goods and services at no or a reduced financial cost. We're particularly interested in partnering in the publishing, construction, learning products, and digital devices areas of our work.

Invest in the buzz. As we prepare to launch, the supply of coffee for our little team has never been more important. Click on the coffee cup icon to keep us supplied with the magic bean. 

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